Tracy Higgins

The Blue Bathroom

Mid-day in your flat,
alone trying on your world.
I turn the taps of your black and white bath,
the steam rises, hangs and runs down the walls.

Blue walls, vivid, dreamy, rich,
like the colour of the ocean in a cartoon, but deeper.
An aborigine playing a pipe, Mish Mash at the Rocket,
the old black and white picture of a horse and cart.

Sounds leak through the air vent above the taps,
a woman crying, pots and pans colliding, someone shouting.
Hello is there anybody there?
I start to sing when I am sure no-one is listening.

In love with a monk

I love you I said,
the words flowed from my heart,
a burning sun spinning on its axis,
I could feel its fire rise and fall in circular motion,
filling my whole being with warmth,
with light and your smile,
while my ears buzzed in confused resonance.
These words did not exist in my world,
not like this,
somehow you found them,
and tumbled an avalanche of emotions to spill
through the dust and cobwebs of my soul.
A lotus to you.

Biography: Hello, my name is Tracy Higgins, thank you for reading my poems, I hope you like them, here is my brief biog... I have lived in Canterbury since 2002 and really like it here. I was born in Scotland but moved to Yorkshire with my family in my early teens so have a mixed up hybrid accent, which says a lot about me. I have always had a love of writing and particularly enjoy reading and writing poetry. In my day job I work part-time as a Statistician. I also love films, music, dancing, walking in the woods and spending time with my family and friends.